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Fabio Cunha
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Multi-plataform mobile developer. Web developer.
Mobile apps and games.

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2G/3G Shortcut 2G/3G Shortcut v1.3.0

It's a widget to add to your homescreen to give quick access to your 2G/3G connections.

Use it to get quick access to your 2G - 3G configuration.

You can found Shortcut 2g/3G inside the widgets folder OR in the application folder.


Bubble Cannon Bubble Cannon v2

Remember the classic bubble shooter games with beautiful graphics.


Cheese Catapult Cheese Catapult v1.0

Pull back, aim and fire - fling the cheese and release the terror! Are you ready to play the Cheese Catapult?

Cheese Catapult is a new, addictive game that involves mischievous cats and fresh yellow cheese! That’s right: in Cheese Catapult, you must defeat the cats that are up to no good with their only weakness: cheese! Master the catapult and be more than a one hit wonder - literally!


Cyborg Ninja Cyborg Ninja v1.4

Get ready for an action packed Cyborg Ninja hack and slash game.
Fight your way through the cyborg attack in an epic ninja battle. Defeat the attacking cyborg slayers and the big boss with your ninja blade to win. Attack and evade the lasers to stay alive and make it to the next round.


Doodle Diamonds Doodle Diamonds v3

A fun match 3 game with many different levels and boosters


Egg Shooter Egg Shooter v1

Help the rabbit combine eggs with the same color in this fun bubble shooter style game.

This classic arcade will make you remember the old days with a new experience, this is one of the best bubble shooter adventure games.

Help the rabbit free space in the top part of the level or rescue the egg chicken by remove all eggs around.


Jumping Bird Jumping Bird v1.8.0

Help the little baby bird that fell from it's nest.
He don't know to fly yet, but he can jump.
Help him to come to the nest.
Tilt the phone to move the bird.
Don't touch others birds, they will knock you down.
Try get coins for extras(coming soon) and get trampolines for high jump.


Low Poly Zombies Low Poly Zombies v9

Pixel undeads everywhere. Grab your gun and shoot all the undeads.


Shuriken Attack Shuriken Attack v1.2.1

Shuriken Attack it's a tower defense style game, but a little diferrent, since the action is more intense with smaller time between levels.
Like a good ninja, protect your village against monsters using your shurikens.
Don't let the monsters pass by you, attack all of them using all your your shurikens, but watch out your shurikens stock, don't run out of them.


Snake Train Snake Train v1.6.0

This game is recommended for children because it's very easy.

Based in the snake game, now you have control of the Snake Train.

Your mission is collect gold in all levels.

Control the game using the d-pad or the touchscreen.

You can enter the tunnels or cross the screen.

Many levels for your fun.

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