SlideME SlideME v6.36

The SlideME Application Manager (SAM) app provides access to a curated list of the very best of Android applications available from SlideME. All our apps are manually approved and tested on a wide variety of devices, to make sure you get the best experience possible on your device, from your device.


iPhone Launcher Theme iPhone Launcher Theme v2.4

This app makes you feel of using an iPhone on your android device.


Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme Windows 7 Theme GOLauncher EX Theme v1.0

Bring the "Most Popular" OS to your Android device! Windows 7 theme for Go Launcher EX. Its not hard to choose, Especially when it includes Official Windows 7 icons, Backgrounds, Folders & Task bar!


Barcode Scanner Barcode Scanner v4.2

Barcode Scanner v3.4 (435 kb)
Scan barcodes on CDs, books, and other products, then look up prices and reviews, or search for a word in a book and find where it occurs. You can also scan QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, calendar events, etc.

ZXing Team

* WiFi base station in QR Code
* Bulk scanning mode
* App on SD card for Froyo


iPhone Theme iPhone Theme v2.0.3

Make your device to look identicaly as an iPhone.
Best way to trick your friends into thinking you have an iPhone.
This app runs fullscreen and makes everything to look like on iPhone.


Goal TV Goal TV v1.3.3

EN: Goals TV includes all first league football highlights around the world. You can watch highlights and goals. This app is totally free.
TR: Goals TV uygulaması ile 1. liglerde oynanan maçların özet görüntülerine ulaşabilirsiniz. Maçların özet görüntülerini ve gollerini izleyebilirsiniz. Bu uygulama tamamen ücretsizdir.


Easy Photo Editor Easy Photo Editor v0.3.28

Easy Photo Editor gives you easy access to photo editing features right on your phone.


Namaz Vakti Namaz Vakti v2.2

Diyanet ve Fazilet takvimleri ile uyumlu ezan vakitleri programı.


KissMe KissMe v1.3

KissMe provides detailed information about how to make out the Kiss and French Kiss.

The French kiss is a timeless and passionate gesture of romantic affection

While a single kiss shared with someone you like or love can sometimes be intense or electrifying, an extended kissing session (referred to in America as "making out", more often "snogging" in Britain) can take a little more variety, coordination, and finesse or sheer willpower.


Mobo TV News & Listings Mobo TV News & Listings v14.63

Your TV news finder that brings the best of television to your android mobile for free. Read latest news about hottest television personality, TV dramas, soaps, reality TV, gossips, scandals, episode spoiler alerts, ratings, recaps etc. Bookmark you favorite show and get hot news headlines, notes on upcoming shows, listings updates of all favorite channels/programs and links to gossip videos and pictures.


anti-stress anti-stress v1.0.0

If you are very bored and stressed , try this game


Joke: iPhone theme Joke: iPhone theme v1.2

Joke: fake iphone launcher theme.


FingerScanner Lite FingerScanner Lite v3.0

Unlock your android with your fingerprint!


G2Android G2Android v1.6.0

Version 1.6.0, 25th of August 2010 Major release¶

* issue #19 zoom feature, using the standard Android gallery app
* issue #45 Deleted image via browser, crashed g2android.
* issue #46 Upload from inside g2android won't do multiple images
* issue #48 Current album is not pre selected when adding a photo to it
* issue #49 when adding a photo, list of albums should be sorted
* issue #57 Uploading images are automatically given a g2android summary and description


Mixed GeaRSS Mixed GeaRSS v1.0

Mixed GeaRSS is all about RSS Feeds, they are free from multiple dirt bike racing sites so I figured why not take the best ones and toss them together to make the best Moto news I can give. All feeds are taken from websites that freely give out their RSS feed and provide the highest standard of MX news.


Weather Forecast USA Weather Forecast USA v1.7.1

Displays 7-day forecast; weather watches, warnings and advisories for any location in US (Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam included). Location is determined via GPS or manually entered ZIP code. Forecast is obtained from NOAA web services where it is refreshed hourly.


LocationSample LocationSample v

Mobile device security and device management


خدمات سريعة خدمات سريعة v1.0

لتوفير الوقت و الجهد ، يمكنك و بشكل سريع:

1 : شحن الرصيد
2 : فحص الرصيد
3 : ارسال (اتصل بي)
4 : الاتصال على حساب شخص آخر باستخدام *199*


Serie A Serie A v1.4.1

Italian Football Serie A 2012/13 is an unofficial application dedicated to one of most beautiful football league in Europe. Here you can find classification, all results and scorers of Serie A 2012/13 and the palmares since the first italian football championship. Add matches of your favorite team in agenda. Share results and classification with your friends.


ServerBartQuinten v.2 ServerBartQuinten v.2 v0.21.13266.67396

The official app of the site