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Android Bash Android Bash v0.7.13

Shows common bash sources. Currently supports ibash.de, bash.org, german-bash.org and smsvongesternnacht.de.


Android News Android News v0.1.3

"Android News" gives you all the Android news feeds you need - right on your phone, in a single app.


App Installation Tracker App Installation Tracker v0.1.4 (background colors + FC bugfix for <2.2 devices)

Helps you keep track of your app installation history. Tracks Installs, Uninstalls, Updates, ...


App Update Notifier App Update Notifier v0.3.9.4

App Update Notifier helps you keep ALL your installed apps up-to-date.


APRS Viewer APRS Viewer v0.2.1 (FC bugfixes)

This is the first APRS app in the Android Market.
It's very early beta, so feel free to send feature requests and bug reports via mail :)


Bottle Messages Bottle Messages v0.1.5

Send your message out to the ocean and someone on another beach will receive it. Other then the real bottle message, you can answer to the bottle messages you receive in this app :)


Color Attention Test Color Attention Test v0.1

One of the most awesome attention test games in the Android Market.
This will drive you nuts! :)
Hours of fun and addictive, simple gameplay :)


Daily Question Daily Question v0.3.1 (linkify urls)

Every day a new question for you to answer. You can view the statistics of the current question and the questions of the past 30 days to see what other people said.
Includes a home screen widget.


Easy Photo Editor Easy Photo Editor v0.3.28

Easy Photo Editor gives you easy access to photo editing features right on your phone.


Easy QR Code Toolbox Easy QR Code Toolbox v0.3.3

"Easy QR Code Toolbox" aims to be the easiest to use QR code reader app on the market.

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