Problem with new account registration

There is a problem with site registration using Firefox 3. Try it and check it is not my PC's fault.

The CAPTCHA keep saying the I key in the wrong CAPTCHA even though I type the correct CAPCHA correctly.

I have to end up using IE in order to register an account.....

I suggest using a simpler CAPTCHA mod that have less problems. Slideme is based on Drupal, right?

Portable Electronics Ltd
Stay tuned for our Android devices.

Replaced captcha

Hi, we've replaced our captcha system to a simple image captcha.

Problems should be gone now.



hope it works better

The upper/lower cap caused some problems for me earlier though......I thought my firefox didn't work again.

You forgotten to turn it off for authenticated users though.

Portable Electronics Ltd
Stay tuned for our Android devices

buying apps

I have registered my "very valid" visa credit card but your site keeps responding that my card cannot be verified. I find your site confusing on how. To actually order the apps Android Android nervous that you have my credit card information but icannot process Android order.


We checked your account and all has been setup correctly. You just need to use SAM from your device to initiate purchases since now you have setup 'a' payment method from 'Billing & Payments'
Note: SlideME does not store credit card info nor even 'pass' such info from our systems to payment processor. SlideME only receives the last 4 digits of your card and an expire date purely for managing your card purposes.

We do recommend you contact support to tracking any further details that need to be shared with you.