Spam Apps

I just checked in on the latest utility apps to see how my recently released app was doing. To my surprise I found a bunch of Playboy apps listed as the most recently added ones. Now I don't mind some nude girls, and porn makes me happy normally, but not if it is unsolicited spam. Although I can agree that these apps can be "utilized" for some purposes, I don't think they really are "utilities" to the extent they should be placed in that category here. I think everyone would be happier if they were placed in a category of their own instead.
Why not start a category for this: sex, nudity, spam, et c.
Then it would be easy to avoid/find these types of apps at ones own discrection.

Spam Apps follow up

Seems these many apps by a single developer were published and have now been moderated and are being removed, since we are not allowing any such apps, especially when descriptions are not properly formatted.

We wanted to avoid any pre-approval, but we may need to keep a closer eye on uploads. If we see this becomes a persisting problem, we may need to moderate applications prior to publishing.