Development of Android Apps for set top boxes

May I suggest that consideration is given to creating apps. that are suitable for the Intelligent TV Boxes, that connect to a HDMI television.
More of these units are coming on to the market every day, there are a number of units produced by "GeniaTech" with their Enjoy TV logo. Flexiview and their FV-1 is also very popular.
Currently most of them are running Android V2.2, but most Android apps are really designed for Mobile Phones or Tablets. Watching movies and Extra TV channels along with Youtube and browsing the web is what people will be doing in the near future.
This has all started since Google TV got off the ground. I think this is worth consideration.

Agree. Apps for alternative devices

Well pointed out 'aussietaff'

Developers should eventually think beyond developing applications for mobile handsets and tablets and plan accordingly to differentiate.

SlideME has an extensive provisioning and filtering system in place to be able to push only such compatible applications to such devices that are preloaded with a custom SlideME Market(SAM) app. We already have over 100 distribution channels or sub-Application stores within SlideME that we today manage on behalf of such partners. The device vendors/OEM's consist of Set-To-Box's, Android-TV's, In-car infotainment systems, and soon Cordless phones running Android.

We expect to power more alternate-devices and open up our currently private Distributions to developers with the forthcoming Android SDK releases as this will simplify process for SlideME and for developers alike.