Claiming Slide Me payments.

I am trying to work out how to claim my payments from Slide me into my account. As far as I can see I can only do this if I have over $100 pending and then will be charged $30 for a remittance?

As my app is fairly low selling (5-6 so far in 3-4 weeks) it's going to take an awfully long time to hit $100.

Have I misunderstood or is this really the case? As it seems to essentially mean I am unlikely to ever hit $100 and so would rather just remove the app from this store and focus on Android Market where I can claim small amounts easily.

Claiming Payments

For developers that wish to claim smaller amounts of payments, this is considered on a case by case basis. There is a process to actually prepare the reporting for publisher (that should be soon automated) so an invoice can be raised where SlideME can remit payment to. Executing wire transfers do have a cost and there is a manual process involved. Since SlideME does not retain any percentage from payouts, such costs are relayed to the developer. Such remittance processing will be eventually streamlined to reduce the cost of remittance to each developer.
If you are an non-US developer, then further paperwork is required such as submitting a W8BEN form.

In terms of your sales, expect that will grow since the SlideME Marketplace will be preloaded on many more handset vendors across various countries (especially where Android Market has no reach) to be announced soon.

We do notice that sales for all Android applications are on the rise and may not amount to your expectations. The whole Android Marketplace is still in its infancy the way we perceive it, thus your distribution choices at this stage should be considered to create awareness of your product rather than to monetize in the short term.