Slide ME (How it works)

Hello developers Slide ME.
I use a Smartphone Acer e110 with 1.5 Android on board.
In last firmware acer i have the "Slide me"
I have a question, how it works.
When the my smart connected to internet via GSM, "Slide" can to connect with Apps server.
When the smart connected to internet via USB, "Slide" can't to connect with Apps server, but internet browser can surf to internet.
Why this might happen?
Maybe "Slide" use only "pdp_ip" or "wi-fi" interface to connect with Apps server

cannot download sam download manager

dear one,
i am trying to download SAM 4.0 but it says Unable to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. do i need to change anythign security features?