Search issue and Call permission

First I would like to thank you for a great product!

One reviewer of my application just complained about not being able to find my application using SAM.

I just tried searching for the application in SAM using the application name and some of the supplied tags yielding no results.

The very same user was also worried about the fact that the SAM application requires CALL permission. Why is that?

I would love to be able to give the reviewer a good answer.

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Trond Bjerkestrand

In regards to search, we are

In regards to search, we are aware of the problem. It occurred when we switched out feeds back in early June and things are not syncing properly with search. We are going to try to get this fixed in SAM 2.10.

SAM reads phone state but can't make actual calls. This is a coarse grained permission that just gives basic device and operator info. SAM takes the deviceId and sends it to the SlideME portal. This info allows the user to re-download the app to the same device.

I've got a fix for search

I've got a fix for search done, so SAM 2.10 will roll out tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Search still not working


I'm using SAM 3.3 and no matter what i search for i get empty results (tried looking for example for 'nesoid').

Thanks for reply,

Same thing here

It doesn't mater what I search for, I never get results.
Also, the snesoid app, although it appears on site, it does not appear in SAM.