SAM upgrade?

Hi all,

I'm new here i appreciate your patience and help :)

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S with SAM 3.41 preinstalled on it. It kinda freezes at times and jams the whole device, and at other times it force closes.

I want to upgrade to the latest version (3.5) could anyone advise on how to uninstall the old one/reinstall the new one?

Thank you!



i don't seem to find any uninstall option for the SAM 3.41 anywhere on my device!


abusamawi, will have support contact you to assist you.

Please help me too to upgrade slideme

I just bought LG Optimus GT540 with SAM pre-installed as an alternative to android market. Whenever I launch SAM an update reminder pop up. The problem is that I cannot update it because it is a system app and I do not have a super user privilage i.e. my phone is not rooted. Can you help me please to either update SAM or permenatly disable the update notifier because it is annoying me. I would appreciate your help. Thanks

Update notifier

Today I noticed that the update notification has stopped appearing when SAM is launched! Has the SlideMe team disabled this feature? I'm glad that this annoying message has disappeared. I hope it's permanent though.

Application Download Issues

I recently bought the Nextbook Premium7 tablet which came with SlideME pre-installed. I also installed the GetJar market, but everytime I attempt to download an app in GetJar, SlideMe intercepts the request and goes to a screen that says: "No matches found for: Null". Any thoughts on what is causing this and how to fix it?

down loads problem

While downloading asks for pc connect what does it mean & itdoesn't complete downloads why? It is hard to download facebook, skype & other application. If possible send me instruction.

Thank u
Saroj subedi