SAM 4.0 error 505

it was working a while ago, but now i don't know what happened.

after updating from enclair to froyo, it gives me an error 505.

im very close to the router.

im from abu dhabi, uae

can someone confirm if they are experiencing this too.

oh im using samsung galaxy s

Error 505

Just pulled out of box and am having error 505 when i open Slideme 4.0 i have sylvania 7" tablet Express Plus w/ android 2.2.

Error code 505

I have a sylvania 7" synet7lp-ds, when i connect to slide me, and try to download a app or even at the start up, sometimes it wont load and gives a 505 error, what does this mean? And how do i fix it? Also i downloaded the SAM 4.3 version, my unit came with 4.0, am i safe to assume the 4.3 is a better version?

505 eror

When download anything