Payment failed 901 error

I'm trying to download N64oid, I go through the steps to setup my credit card through the slideme website, download the app to purchase n64oid, but it just hangs after I select "purchase". It never downloads the app, but when I open up my credit card statement, it shows that it CHARGED ME FOR THE APP. Very dissatisfied.

I've had the same problem

I've had the same problem purchasing the same app!

i just wanna play goldeneye dammit!

Same exact problem here. 901 error but slideme site shows I have it purchased but it never downloaded..sad day

901 issues

After looking at all these three accounts, seems your card issuers have rejected our request for authorization for $3.99.

You may want to contact support for further assistance and details you may need.

cantcurecancer - you mentioned you have been charged $3.99. Do confirm with your bank if this is the case or an error on your behalf to post such false info.

*System does not release file for downloading unless we have an authorization from your card issuer.

901 problem

I am using my amazon billing agreement and it wont let me get the N64oid app can you tell me y ?

901 issue

This is an error from payment processors side that did not accept the order to issue an authorization. This could be related that your card was not accepted due to card issuer(bank) not permitting recurring type of transactions (as required for Billing Agreements) for the card you used on Amazon, or was simply rejected for some reason your card issuer or Amazon can tell you.

To process an order that does not require your card to process a "Recurring" type transaction, then you should not use the Billing Agreement model. Suggest you execute transaction in 'one-go', meaning use WebBUY option and direct pay, or top up your SlideME Wallet. For further help, visit the FAQ for Users under the Help menu.

Hope this helps.

901 error

Yes but it lets me buy any other app but that one is there a problem with the app currently?

Worth to retry

Payment processing is actually agnostic to actual application. If it worked to purchase one app, then it should work to purchase another app providing you have available balance on your funding source (card at Amazon).

My bank had the transaction

My bank had the transaction as pending @ $3.99 for the entire weekend. Today I checked it and it's no longer there. This is completely beside the point though...

And as you can see from my account, I even tried registering SlideME with my Amazon Payments account. Yet I get the same error. Is Amazon rejecting your request for the 3.99 as well? Maybe SlideME should stop offering that service through Amazon, don't you think?(I actually initially tried with Amazon to avoid the cc fee, but after that didn't work, I tried just doing it straight through my credit card).

Similar Problem

Set up Amazon, been trying to get it to work. Same application as well. Tries 20 times or so then decides to stop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

same here

I have just the same problem and it's driving me insane! I even changed credit cards and it didn't help either!