Feature request - SAM urls

Would be great if URLs to http://slideme.com/application/* could be opened by SAM.

This way it's easier to promote applications with links and QR codes.


Thanks. That's a great

Thanks. That's a great suggestion! We will add into our SAM release, which should be out today.

We are thinking something

We are thinking something like this: sam://search?bundleId=ccf29ee2-7b12-102c-9e11-12313a00d126

This feature is now in the

This feature is now in the latest SAM 3.0 release. Check it out.


Excellent! I really love when requested features are added within five hours :)

How can I find the bundleId for a given application? I've been looking at the html source without any luck :)

I also get a Force close with the SAM URL you provided.

How are you testing this? I

How are you testing this? I did a link from a page directly within SAM to test and it worked fine. But in the browser sam:// is replaced by http:// making it fail. It looks like for you at least the right activity is being called. Are you doing this through a browser?

Thanks for this report it was

Thanks for this report it was helpful. Mine was passing since I already had this app entry in my local catalog. I just moved the remote catalog loading BEFORE using the cursor for display. I'll have this fix out for 3.1.

No problem - Looking forward to next release :)

On your web page it would be nice to have a QR code for each application satisfying the use case:
As a user
I would like to browse the SlideMe catalog using my web browser and when finding an interesting application easily download it to my phone.

By the way, I still wonder how I can find the bundle id for a given application?

Link please

A link to the new documentation would be nice. I can't find information anywhere on SlideMe about how to do this - there is only the developer FAQ. I would like to link to my paid app from my free app, so people will buy it on SlideMe.

Link your apps on SlideME

Please check the latest blog post about intents and how to use them.