dungeon defenders

I bought dungeon defenders from my slideme account on my scroll tablet running android 2.1 with the following problems: -

1. It didn't work
2. Needed to download content
3. Went to developers forum and followed instructions
3. That didn't work
4. Uninstalled game from my device
5. Now game is totally gone from my device - can't reinstall it.
6. Why is the game not stored somewhere on SlideMe for me to reinstall when necessary?

Action req'd: Send me new application or refund.

Storage Locker

You should be able to redownload all successful purchases. After opening up SAM, press the menu button, then go to "More", then "Storage Locker".


not in storage locker

I've gone to the storage locker and it's not there. Check my account and you will see the purchade in my transaction history. I've got confirmation emails, so can you send me another one or add it to my account. I can't even find it to repuchase.

Sort this out it is a Slideme error or give me a refund as there is no way I'm buying it twice.

I'm don't work for SlideME.

I'm don't work for SlideME. I'm just a friendly community member trying to help you out :).

It sometimes takes a short time to turn up in the storage locker, but that's usually a day or 3 at the most, so doesn't seem to apply in your situation. If you look in your transaction history, what status does your transaction have?

If you transaction has a status of "completed", you can "purchase" it again but you wont be charged (it looks like you will be when you are going through all the steps, but you wont be; I've done this before).

If it is only in the "received" state or something else, then I'm not sure what the problem is. Having a quick look at some other threads, it seems that the Amazon payment method sometimes has this problem. If this is the case for you, then I would directly contact the SlideME support by clicking "Contact" in the bar at the top.

dungeon defenders

Hello fxiddy,

Do contact support for refund if needed, as developer is soon going to provide an update and re-publish.

Thanks Stimut for taking initiative and helping out.

dungeon defenders

Thanks for the help guys. I did try the repurchase thing but as I said I can't find it on Slideme anymore.