Can't log into SAM

Hi I'm trying to download SqueezeCommander to my HTC Desire. When I have typed name and password and hit Login I get an error: "Failed to login: Slide 000 ......" (The error text disapeares before I can read it)
Is it a bug in the SAM app or?


Can you try to alter or reset your password and if problems persist, contact support so they can trace the problem on the backend with you?


Thanks for contacting support and providing informative feedback.

Seems there was a problem with Mollom that caused this problem, that is now resolved.

similar problem

I cannot login to buy smarter keyboard. I get an invalid name or password error. I have tried changing name and password..still no joy. Is there anywhere else i can purchase smarter keyboard other than slide and market?


Try to reset your password and try again.

log in

I can't even find where to login. SAM 4.0 brings up the slideme marketplace on my phone but no log in at all. And no search for an app. Just the list of apps.

log in & search function

You will be prompted for login after you choose to download a paid application.

The search function will come if you press the menu button on your device while in SAM. You can access other features and settings from that menu.

Search not accessible

I've tried pressing the various buttons on the sides of my phone, but none will access the menu in SAM. Is there an alternative way to access it? (My phone is a GooApple V5 3G.)


When I try to log in, it says my credentials are invalid. What does this mean and how can it be resolved?? Im trying to go to my locker to download my purchased app. This is very frustrating, any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanx.


Many users try to login with their email address instead of their username. You should login with your username and not your email.

Also, old versions of SAM did not prevent some extra characters, e.g. if one pressed the 'enter' key within the login fields. Try to avoid sending any extra hidden & unwanted characters.

Hope this helps.