Trying to get featured: LocName

We are LocName, a GPS app that allows users to save all their favourite locations as short LocNames. Think of an address book but with GPS locations instead of written addresses. Users can also use GPS navigation to reach any LocName location.

Do I use the contact page in order to have my app on the SlideMe store? I didnt find any option on that page. Or is there another way Im not sure about?

RE: Trying to get featured: LocName


Yes, you use the contact form to reach us in order to request a feature promotion review. Note that you need to ensure your application matches the criteria as listed in this article:

This means you must have your application submitted and approved in our marketplace. We do not feature applications that are not yet available on our store. To upload your application to our store, you need to be registered as a developer.

If you have created an account on SlideME as a normal user, but wish to upload applications as a developer, do not attempt to register a new account. Instead, you can convert your user account to a developer account.

Click "My Profile" on the right-hand "My Actions" menu of the website. Then, at the top of the page click "Edit". Scroll down until you see a section such as the one below that will allow you to convert your account:

"Android developer:
Are you an Android applications developer? Click here to setup your developer account!"