How to re-submit the denied application, after the corrections were made.


My applications was denied, and in the email it was told me to update my application to meet the guidelines and then open a support ticket for review.

I updated the app. But how do I open this support ticked, as I don't see anywhere on the site from where I can launch it.
Where should I look for it?

Thank you.
My appologizes if this is not the correct forum section for a such question.

Re: How to re-submit the denied application, after the correctio

Hello AndyRes,

Filling out the contact form at the "Contact" link shown the top of the website ( ) will open a support ticket.

To speed up the process, please fill in the appropriate information below in the contact form:
-Include your developer username in the name field
-In the subject field, include the word "Denied" or "Denial"
-Leave "General Helpdesk" as the category.
-Be sure to specify what application(s) you wish to have reviewed again, either by the exact name or with a SlideME URL.

If you haven't updated your app(s) yet and are unsure what to do, you can still open a ticket; just be sure to provide the information above and what particular reasons you may be having trouble understanding.