Sam doesn't work on Turkish locale


Sam on Hero Htc with turkish setting doesn't work. When I change the language to English it works.

I get an "process com.slideme.sam.manager stopped unexpectedly" error (the error text is in turkish, I translated it)

Any ideas?

Fixed for next version of SAM


The problem has been detected and fix will be released with next version of SAM.

Thank you for reporting.

Date of fix?

Can you give a deadline for fix?

Released 3.42

SAM 3.42 has been released. Kindly report any issues to us. Send details to{at} with attached logs if possible.


I downloaded SAM 3.42 it did not crashed. Thank you very much! I will report if I have any issues.

force close!

in the u.s.just upgraded to 3.42 on g1 and every time I click an app it force closes, tried reinstalling and rebooting, still doesn't work, just says loading catalog when I click an app then force closes. any idea?

Turkish Locale?

Is this when you are in Turkish language mode only?

slideme erro

I own the i1 from motorola (nextel Brazil) when I try to see the download of my applications I get the message manager of applications slideme stops unexpectedly try again (com.slideme.sam.manager process) and just giving me the option of closing forxar what do I bought a plicated and I can not install?