Sam 4.0 SlideMe Question

I am new to this forum and need some help please.

I installed the upgrade for the Sam 4.0 yesterday and now I cannot install anything from the Slide Market. It will download the game to my devise but then will not let me install it. I keep getting a message that it's "not campatable with my devise". Or if I am able to download a game it doesn't work.

Prior to downloading the upgrade I was able to download some games from the prior Slide Market.

I have also recieved "appstore could not be installed on this phone" before also.

I have a Pandigital Multimedia Novel 7" (Blk)
Kernal version 2.6.27 PDUI@Android

I am so frustrated and now it's something I am not doing right.


Bit Similar, but Opposite problem

I have the same tablet and the Sam and Slide me together. I'm having trouble downloading apps that AREN'T Sam/slide. Whenever I go to a link from another download app site, it seems as if slide me or sam hijacks it somehow - basically, something is programmed that tells the link to go to sam/slide for the app instead of installing it.

Based on your problem, I'm wondering if you already have a default app installed, an our issue is with default settings somewhere?

I'm new to the tablet world and it's frustrating that I can't find all the options to change settings like there is on the pc!

Anyone who can fill us in on default app installer info?

pandigital stress

Hi I am new to the EReader world and recieved a pandigital novel for xmas, well you know when that was!
Well, I have puchased books to read and cannot for the like of me open them up to read even though they are compatable and downloaded, i get these emails saying go to my storage locker,can someone please help me find that before this gift ends up on the rubbish heap

Download Slideme 4.0 for android 2.0

I need to download Slideme 4.0 where can i get it?

cant download anything from slideme

Hey, i can not get anything from slideme cause it says a problem occured,install failed, or it has been cancelled. I cant download literally anything not even the most simple apps...please somebody help me:((