Purchased Colorup but been given outdated version

Purchased Colorup but been given outdated version.

The current version on Android market is 5.1.1 but in SlideME it is 4.1. I dont mind paying extra because i am non us resident. (Android Market charge it for 0.99usd while SlideME 1.99usd but let me have the up to date version please.

I open ticket with support and replied that i get 14 days ago was like below and after that my last 2 mails was ignored without any answered,


Thank you for reporting this. Developers are required to maintain their app versions up to date according to our terms with them.

We have notified developer to update his application profile to latest version.
SlideME Support"

I also emailed the developer but unfortunately i did not get any reply. Is there any way that u guys can push the developer to up to date the version or i guess i just need to ask for refund or open refund ticket with paypal?


App Updates

If developers does not update his application version then you are indeed eligible for a refund. The developer terms depict that they are required to maintain application version updates. We have also initiated contact to developer to update his application. Suggest if you do not see the new version, then contact or update an existing ticket you may have with Support to arrange a refund.

We have also unpublished the application for the time being.

Support is open and quite swift in arranging refunds to users in such cases.

Thank you.