Problems with reinstalling Solo-App

Hi there,

2 weeks ago i bought "Guitar-Solo" via SlideME. Yesterday i wanted to update to Vers. 1.30. As i got an error msg i uninstalled the app and wanted to reinstall it (as the description sais)

Now when i want to download the file via sam i get the msg:"Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. Bitte übertragen". First i thought it was a problem, caused by the maintence yesterday, but it still doesnt work.
I dont get the error when i choose any other app in sam only with an app i already payed 4 bucks for...

Please tell me how i can reinstall this app.



App issue

It seems you have also raised this issue with Support staff. This is a protected application. Share your device details, if SIM card etc.


I have the same problem. Please help me.

Please contact support

Please contact support with this issue at Share your device details, if SIM card and error you are getting.

Thank you

Delete the SlideME - App and

Delete the SlideME - App and the Solo - App and reinstall them.
Worked for me, hope for you too.