No PayPal...

No PayPal payment posibility? A pitty love to by an application from you folks. I am German but living in Argentine and local credit cards are not exepted. so?

No paypal

D'après les payouts je pensez qu'il y avait paypal


Payouts can be sent via Paypal, but the acquiring part (shopping via Paypal) is what needs integration and approval from Paypal. It should be available soon.

it's done, when it's done ...

but still, let me ask how soon is soon? :)

Paypal Mexico

Sorry if I ask the same question, but how soon is soon? From customers like me from Mexico is a pain to buy apps that are not available!!

Paypal referenced + registered + NO Paypal

then i want to unregister.
But can't see where to proceed.

Very upset of having to register a site, basing on a false information given by this site, and being potentially captive because i can't unregistered.


Where is this information on our site? Paste link.
If you need to have your account removed, simple ask support to do so.

Yes PayPal..

Give it a try. PayPal is now supported via SlideME.

Much Appreciated

Great job george. Why not make a blog post about it? I would like to spread the word to other online communities.

What about developer payments?

We will in due time

Still experimental and some minor changes coming.
Fees to developers for sales via PayPal will also be set at 10%+$0.10 (per Completed transaction). It's noted when developer uploads/edits an app and on Rate Schedule. We're still making some adaptations. When we feel all is good, we will let the world know, with your help hopefully.

We can see that sales have boomed in the last few days, PayPal is indeed a great paying method, but was a hard one to implement and get approval from the heads @PayPal.
Users do not need to have to login to their PayPal every time to make a purchase, so we follow our model to safeguard end users whilst providing the better user experience.

Developer payments, balance and exports of reports is pushed to production but we can only see this for now. Invoice templates will be provided also next, where developer will simply download, edit, print, sign and receive payment after receipt. (It will be much easier when compared to what is addressed by A.M in section 3.2. Single invoice for aggregated sales to SlideME rather than one per sale to your AM end-users, as developer is required to issue.)

..SAM 4.0(refactored) and PayPal is not the only thing we are holding back in announcing ;)


Why the hell do you need a CC to pay for apps with PayPal...

I got money on my PayPayl but I don't have a CC and don't have one connected to it...


You are seeing different payment options. You choose one not all.
If you do not use Paypal, or Amazon Payments, you can use CC.

But when I selected PayPal I

But when I selected PayPal I had to fill in a Credit card number...

When I want to set up a connection between this account here and my PayPal account, the PayPal site says:

"To complete the payment with SLIDEME LLC, please add a new credit card."



We see you have not setup the PayPal Agreement.

When you go under Billing & Payments and select Paypal as a Payment option, you are redirected to your Paypal account and you are asked to login. If you do not have a balance on your Paypal account or maybe Paypal wants to further secure you have a backup funding source or for their own KYC(Know Your Customer), you maybe asked to add a card to your Paypal account. I assume most Paypal accounts need to have a card added to to be verified to some extent.

But I already have like €100

But I already have like €100 on my PayPal and transfered a couple of times to my paypal account...

Anyway, so no Credit Card = no slideme apps?


I suggest you ask Paypal why they are asking for credit card on your Paypal account and not permit to use your available balance on Paypal. This is a Paypal issue and related to your Paypal account.