No Calendar Problem in Android 2.2

I only just got my Android MID 7" Tablet so forgive me if this question seems too simple for you experts, but how do you get the Calendar app to work on android.
The Calendar opens normally and I can navigate to the correct date and time but when I try to enter an appointment I get a message come up that I have no calendar installed.
The instruction book says that the first time I open the Calendar it should ask me for an account to connect to with an email address.
This didn't happen but even if it had I don't know what account it would be asking for or what to enter.
I have tried stopping the application and resetting it in app manager but when re-started it still doesn't ask for any account details.
The Calendar seems to be a decently designed program but I don't see why it can't work on its own.
Can anyone help?
Don Stewart.