how does slideme search engine work?

Does anyone have tips about how the search engine on this site works?

Whenever I click on "Search", then type my search in the search box, I just get the error message:

"The Apache Solr search engine is not available. Please contact your site administrator."

At first I thought it might be because I wasn't logged in, but now it just seems broken.

Any ideas?

Specifically, I am searching for "alarm" as I want to find all the possible alarm clock apps that are available here..


Search and Applications tab is back

Sorry to all for issues related to 'Search' and 'Applications' tab not working. The problems are now fixed and back in control.

George | SlideME

What about the web page search?

The search engine for your web site, however, seems totally useless. Can't search the forums for diddly squat.


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