Direct APK download isn't working

When I download any APK its size is always 4.6 MB and of course it’s not possible that all the APKs files have the same size.

The BEST feature that this site have is the ability to download APK files directly and install them in a tablet or phone or any device that can’t be connected to the Internet.

How can I download the REAL APK file so I’m able to install it in a tablet that can’t be connected to the Internet?

Thank you.

RE: Direct APK download isn't working


To install applications on SlideME, you are required to use our market app SAM. That is the download that initiates when you attempt to download an app from our website. After installation, the application in question will begin downloading and installing. We do not support, and have not for quite a long time, the ability to download application APK's directly.

SlideME Team