Advent Amico Android Tablet HELP?

Hi guys, im new to the forum and I have recently purchased the Advent Amico tablet and I am having trouble watching youtube videos, the error says something bout a vnd error. please help??

Amico issues

I recently aquired an Amigo tablet and things looked promising until I created a problem, only to find there is no help out there or within the device itself. It has taken me 10 days to work my way round the device on a learning curve full of crashes and dead ends. One to watch out for is the trash can.....put something in there and it is GONE!! There is no chance of recovering it. I cannot configure it with Android Market primarily because it is not an Android Phone but I have been able to download a few apps from other sourses such as SlideMe.
I also managed to download Maverick GPS which came with an excellent selection of maps including UK OS and considering that it can cost as much as £100 to buy these ,it was a bargain and totally free. Now for the big do you turn on the GPS or Bluetooth? I have still not found the files that allow this to happen and would appreciate any help.