Is there something wrong with my APK? Download numbers way above actual install numbers.

I'm having install issues (I think) with the SlideMe version of my app. I'm also experiencing this with other stores like the Opera App store; So I'm thinking it is something I haven't done that is the problem and I'm really just asking for advice.

I have a game app Arrow Mania on SlideMe

The SlideMe download numbers are 4596 at the moment, about 50 downloads a day, great numbers to me! BUT, I am actually only getting 10 actual real installs+runs per day, 400 total installs since being on SlideMe. I know this as I have real install numbers (where people have installed and run) I can see these in Google Analytics and confirm this in various other accounts like my Vungle account.

Now I know my app runs on just about any device when downloaded from Google Play Store (again analytic data tells me). All I can conclude is that there is some problem with my APK that is stopping it installing & running for 80% of SlideMe users (and other app stores like Opera where I have the same problem).

Have you any advice as to what it could be? Is there something I need to do when I build an APK for stores like SlideMe that I've missed?

Some facts that may be of help:
- I am signing+aligning in Eclipse (not in the terminal).
- I have various advertising libraries in the application, like AdMob, Vungle, Heyzap, Chartboost - could one of these cause problems with installing on some devices?
- I also use Google Analytics library
- I have set the "requirements" in my SlideMe account for the app to "no" for Google Account needed (there is no LVL protection in the app, it is free)
- I have set the "requires third party libraries" in my SlideMe account for the app to "no" (it doesn't need any).
- I have set the "requires rooted device" to "no" (it doesn't).

RE: Is there something wrong with my APK?


It sounds like you are doing everything right. However, there are two issues you may not be aware of.

First Issue:
Alternative markets, such as SlideME, have a wider reach than Google Play. Google Play users that are downloading your application are a smaller set of Android devices licensed to use Google Services kit. This includes some of the popular smartphones and tablets and handful of TVs.

However the majority of smartphones and tablets using Android are not using Google Play (either not licensed to or the user is not in a supported country), and you also have some laptops and netbooks, smartbooks, other smart TVs, landline phones, and cameras using Android without Google licensing. They are using the free AOSP and relying on third party markets. What this means is that though all Google Play users may have no problem installing your app, you can't automatically infer that this minority will reflect all case uses for the rest of the devices that are downloading your app. It may very well be that your app is not installing properly on a lot of other devices that do not support Google Play--not because they don't support Google Play but because of hardware issues that do not exist on devices supported by Google Play.

Second Issue:
A lot of Android users favor us because of the ability to download the APK directly. This is especially true for a lot of users that do not have Wi-Fi so their tablets cannot download directly, or they have restricted Wi-Fi from the device due to parental locks or gifting it to their grandchildren or similar. They then rely on downloading the APK directly, transferring to the device via USB, and subsequently installing it that way. These installs are not going to be reflected on any analytics (your own or SlideME's) as the device is not actively connected to the internet. We receive many support tickets asking how to perform this very step for a device without internet connectivity, and so you can assume that for SlideME users it may be a common practice.

We have not seen any issues with installing your application on test devices, so we can only assume that these 2 issues are the major problem affecting your analytics and that your application is likely being installed properly and used on target devices.

Hope that helps give you some insight into your analytics anomalies.

Where can a devoloper see ...

the "actual real installs+runs"?

RE: Where can a devoloper see ...

You can never get all of the real installs and runs, as mentioned in the previous post, many users install apps on an offline tablet. In such a case, it's impossible to legally know if they installed and ran the app. How are you going to get the "actual real installs+runs" when their tablet is not connected to the internet? How will that data be transmitted to you or us? Thus, our analytics and your own SDKs used cannot map the web installs, only the downloads.

Now, you CAN checkout our DevCon analytics platform (in beta) to get some insight of your audience by visiting - once logged into SlideME with your account.
DevCon tracks in realtime and maps Installs (generated from SAM, not web), Downloads (from SAM but Not web downloads), Devices, and Country data. Please note it is still in beta, and as mentioned before we cannot track web installs. For those cases you need your own analytics SDK and it will not work for users who copy APK's to an offline tablet.