Text Box to RSS

Hi guys, need some help.
I need to allow users to search my RSS feed.

what I want to do is something like this


when a user types in a word like Slide it would replace the {searchTerm} with Slide

Then below the text field it would show the RSS feeds results.

I have the RSS made, and this is my first Java application, so any help will be more then welcomed.

This would be a free application so not looking to make any money off it.


To get started, try looking

To get started, try looking at the code from some existing open-source projects like:
* Android RSS http://android-rss.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
* Feed Reader: http://android-feed-reader.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/AFR/

I've done one for the atom format as well:
* http://atomoid.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/slideme-atom-parser/

It'd be nice if your

It'd be nice if your application can do that for any RSS feed, I mean, if it would be generic enough that it could be used with others.

I don't understand why Google's marketplace is filled with one-site-only RSS apps.

I hadn't noticed this before,

I hadn't noticed this before, but even at SlideME, we have three RSS readers but only for Google Reader site, not others. Looks like there would be a need for a general RSS reader.

We had to eventually dump the atom reader for out SAM client because the XML parsing (kxml) was way too slow when we downloaded all our catalog info to the client.

I am using RSS / xml for my

I am using RSS / xml for my new search engine, bonush.com it is a Live search engine, which index's blogs, websites, radio stations (now playing information) and TV stations (Now Playing Info).

We have also integrated twitter search. However the mobile search application would only search what is in our DB (twitter is not in our DB so would not get included at this stage.)

I will take a look at all suggestions. Again I am not a mobile java developer, so learning. I am a PHP / MYSQL guy.

Saying that if anyone is willing to help out with the project that would be GREAT!

As for searching any RSS feed, that is easy well once we index the RSS feed. We will open up our members area soon, which will allow users to add RSS feeds to their RSS reader, and you will be able to search though your feeds on our website, so I don't see why we would not be able to hook that into the mobile application at a later date.