Recommendation for Maildroid

Dear Developer team, Maildroid is great, I have one comment. If you choose a dark ui theme, the letters still appear light!! This in my opinion is not logical. I choose a dark theme to use it e.g. at night or in dark places. Still to read a letter it changes to light, in my case black letters on white background. Annoying.


RE: Recommendation for Maildroid


For specific application issues, you are best to contact the developer/publisher via his contact form available from their SlideME profile.
This can be found by clicking their name under the application title on the website. Once you click on that developer's link, then you will see a 'Contact' link to their contact form.

If you consider this should be a public post, you can leave a comment under the application's page so others can contribute or read since it's a public post. Any kind of feedback to developer is valuable, so he can better improve application in future versions.