package name?!

I wont upload my game on slideme,but it write error - package name com.companyname.auradefense not allowed

Why???? App working!!!!! How package name must have?!

"com.companyname" is supposed

"com.companyname" is supposed to be replaced with your actual name or company's name. It is not literal. A good acceptable example is com.michalkoupil.auradefense.

Per the Android Open Source Project and the SlideME developer agreement, your application should have an appropriate and unique package name (not to be confused with the uploaded .apk file name), as set in the Application Manifest (.xml). Package names that are too short, not unique, unchanged from tutorial examples, generic, use unauthorized trademarks, or are suspicious will result in the application being denied. Package names must follow standard Android and Java practices for packageName nomenclature or those deemed acceptable by SlideME, i.e. companydomain.apptitle or companyname.apptitle or developer/authorname.apptitle. Package names should never use domains or trademarks owned by other legal entities (such as and should also never use the com.example namespace when published. This helps to avoid conflicts as multiple apps cannot share the same packageName, it indicates ownership of the application to your account, and it indicates that this application was not built using tutorials/example source code or web app builders.