How can i upload new application ?

Hi ,

I have many new application , but when i want to upload it message of "You are not authorized to access this page." appear to me.

nay kind of help and how i become developer



Seems this account is not a developers account, hence you can not upload. We see that you created a new developers account.
Our concern has been that you are uploading applications that do not resemble or reflect such ownership by your profile. You will need to answer the request send by support team for your applications to be approved.

it wont work!

i dont know how to download applications onto my android TABLET (not phone!!)

Hello, To download and


To download and purchase applications, try to install SlideME's SAM onto your device.


Hi there,

I don't have an application, as such, but want to upload an ebook. How can I do this? It only wants to allow .apk files.

Sorry if this is a lame noob question.