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How to download google play n its apps on hcl u1

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Google Play is not a downloadable application, but is a competing marketplace that comes pre-installed on supported devices. There is no way to manually add your phone or tablet to Google Play’s supported device list, and you will not be able to use the Google Play website and store properly for your device if it is does not come with the Google Play application already.

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google play

my question is
Why hcl me tab is not on the google play list?
Even micromax,karbon have their tab google play supported.
Do you know what it mean?
Let me show u.
I wanted to install latest version of Xplore(the best file manager).
So I pointed my HCL ME U1 at
And click on the Download
(because of the link started with "market://")
my browser opened Me Marketplace built-in app(nowadays the site redirect us to Google Play).
And that searched for a while and nothing found.
Because lonelycatgames does not uploaded it to
And this happened for many apps,games.
So my question is why not you guys just put google play support in your device?
I want technical answer,
Because you can use one Google product(Android itself) but can't another,and Google does not support your device.
This must be fixed,or give true reason for that.
Thank you.

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Why it's not is between HCL and Google. To have Google Play requires a license between HCL and Google. This license for this media kit not only requires payment but also approval from Google. Why exactly is only known by HCL, so you will have to ask them. We do not manufacture tablets, we only provide an application store to a variety of devices (not just HCL).