On device listings way out of date

I'm new to slidMe and SAM, so maybe this is expected by others, but when I run the SAM app on my phone I don't see any apps that have been posted in 2010 when I sort by date. I discovered this when trying to find my own game, which is showing up on the web page, but not in SAM.

Why is this?

Oh yeah...

In case it's relevant: I am using SAM 3.41 downloaded from this webpage, on my Google Dev phone 1 (G1). Firmware v1.6, on Wifi.


Ok, this is wierd. I guess it adds stuff to the sorting/searching only as it's accidentally discovered? In the root menu of SAM after chosing "Latest" from the menu, it added SOME apps to the categories. Since mine was one of the most recent it now shows up in it's category along with the 4 other most recent games. So when sorting games by date I now have 5 games from March 19th + 20th, followed by the rest which are all older than Oct 2nd 2009.

Is there a way to update the entire catalog?

Refresh Catalog

To refresh Catalog, Help > Refresh.

Will check out the sorting issues you mentioned.

The refresh option does nothing?

Refresh from the help screen just seemed to move me back to the root screen in SAM.

The sort appears to be working, but the catalog doesn't have anything new it in since October of 2009 on my device. This is the first time I've ever used SAM.