Can I change my user name?

My app Shibitz has just been approved, and I see that my user name "slamnig" is used as the publisher's name. I was not aware of this initially, when I was opening my account. So I would like to change my name to "Slamnig". Not much of a change, just capitalizing the first letter. Is this possible?

RE: Can I change my user name?


You can set the Organization in your user profile, which will appear to users instead of your username in most locations. If you would like your username also changed, please open a support ticket using the contact form to request the change.

Hello, I did as you suggested


I did as you suggested 5 days ago, nothing has changed yet as far as I can see. The name appearing beside the app title on the download page is still "slamnig", although I've changed my "Organization" name to "Slamnig". Well, it's no big deal. Thanks for the response, anyway.

RE: Hello, I did as you suggested


We updated your username with the capital letter. Shouldn't affect your login and should now appear properly in places that don't currently use the Organization name.

SlideME Team

Thanks! While I'm here,


While I'm here, here's a suggestion. When I reply to a forum message, the Subject field is initially blank. If I don't fill it in, it is later generated from the first few words of my reply. It would be better if the subject field was initially generated as RE:xxx, where xxx is the original post subject.

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