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I am developing an app that can send an SMS with a link to click in order to open the recipients maps app or web to maps.

Unfortunately, from what I have researched, there seems to be no 'generic' way of doing this.

The only option is to provide a link (inside the sent SMS) to or

Is this allowed on SlideMe please?

Thank you.

RE: App link to maps

The use of Google Maps must be usable on AOSP devices. In some cases, this is possible. However, you cannot and they cannot use or require the Google Maps SDK via SlideME. SlideME no longer approves new submissions that are dependent upon Google Play. We recommend using an alternative mapping SDK such as Nutiteq, OpenStreetMaps, or Mapquest, as you will have limited viability in non-Google markets otherwise if your application does not function or send links that are also not Google Play services dependent. You should be sure to test your application's functionality as well as receive a test SMS on an AOSP device before submitting.

Thank you for the detailed

Thank you for the detailed response.

The sent SMS will be a 'web Link' and only require a browser to access the Google map site.

If the device receiving the SMS has the Google Map App installed, the device may ask to view by App or by Browser.

From what I understand, this will be allowed?

Many thanks again.

RE: Thank you for the detailed


Yes, this would be allowed. It will be confirmed when under review that it functions properly on AOSP devices to ensure that the link works as intended.