Any sample application available with working slidelock implementation?

Is there any sample application source code available with a slidelock implementation thats guaranteed to work?

SlideLock v2


There are several applications using SlideLock to protect their digital property on SlideME.

If you were unable to integrate SlideLock, the cause MAY be SlideLock Quick Start Guide.
Could you kindly please expose your thoughts related to our public documentation? Please advise if you find any inconsistency, so that we can provide feedback and update the possible gaps.

Some thoughts on SlideLock v2

All i wanted in the first place is a vanilla android app(Hello World app) with a working slidelock implementation. The quick start guide is OK. But it would be quick and easy if it is presented in the context of a sample application. And one less hurdle for a beginner like me. I listed some unanswered questions in the documentation below for your consideration

3) If you are using binary licensing,

Are there any other type of licencing which the developers should know about?


Is it OK to call this constructor with any other activities instance.

You can store the fetched data in a persistent storage

What is the best way to accomplish this? Is it okay if i store this info in an unencrypted database.

// This shouldn’t happen. Track your device IMEI to match.

Sorry i cant understand this part.

Demo App is on its way

Dear Xathish,

#1 The demo application you need is going to be published asap.

#2 Other licensing types that SlideLock has taken into consideration are for example Serial Keys, but currently these alternatives have not been implemented

#3 You can provide any activity to the License constructor. Best place to instantiate the License object is within the Activity#onCreate() method body.

#4 You can store it in a database but best place to use is here

#5 The comment "This shouldn't happen..." means that as long as you digested the license exposed in the Quick Start Guide, the normal flow should not reach that code block, as long as you run the application on an emulator which has the IMEI - DeviceID equal to "000000000000000"

Thank you for your feedback, feel free to share any other thoughts you may have.

We are on it

Dear Xathish,

Vanilla Sample Application is being prepared based on your initial request. If you(or others) fell like adding extra concerns relating to integrating SlideLock, please, feel free to feedback, as we are reviewing as we speak.

Best Regards,
-SlideLock Team-

SlideLock sample application

I would like to see the following functionalities implemented in the sample application as a reusable helper class.

A reliable and secure way to store and retrieve application installation date
Storing and retrieving last license check date
Flag for grace period

The above tasks are hard to implement with reliability and security for each application.

getDaysSinceLastLicenseCheck(), getApplicationInstallDate(), getIsGracePeriod()

The above functions can be used to handle grace period scenarios, periodical licence check etc.

It would be great if Slidelock can handle these scenarios by itself in the nextversion.


new com.slideme.slidelock.License("Sample license", "TestAppUID", mainActivityInstance,

Great Idea

This is a great idea, so user can play in game 3-5 days before license check time has expired

p.s. getIsGracePeriod() => isGracePeriod() ;)

Any news on the sample app?

Hi guys any news on when the sample application will be ready?

SlideLock with # of uses as grace period

I am now attempting a method wherein I store the last successful authentication date in a preference (that is not editable by users), calculate to ensure it is 12 workdays or less till next authentication attempt, and then allow users to use grace period by clicking a button that iterates another preference value. If the # of these 'grace' uses reaches 10 before a successful authentication, they are not able to use the app again. I hope it works!

Reminder !

Hi SlideLockTeam I am waiting for the sample application.

package missing

Hello i downloaded the sample demo app
but i can't run it ,, there is errors i think there is a missing package which is called com.slideme.slidelock ,, it can't recognize the com.slideme.slidelock.License; class
sorry but i'm new to using this license
can anyone help me how i can run this demo ?!!

You need to setup the project libraries


Depending on the IDE you are using, you need to add a dependency to lib/slock2.jar library (attaching the Slide Lock module to your project and apk).

Also make sure to download the latest slock2.jar binary file from SlideLock page and read the latest guide available via the sameSlideLock page.

Good luck,
-Slide Lock Team