Add Keys vs. Generate Stock ???

I just posted a paid application to SlideME for the first time. After posting the application I am taken to a screen asking me to choose whether to "Generate Stock" or "Add Keys". I have searched your site, but can't find any description of what it means to choose one verses the other, and under what cases it is better to choose "Generate Stock" or "Add Keys".

If you have some information on your site which describes what these each do and when to use one verses the other could you please point me to the information.

If there isn't any existing information could to reply to this post describing when to use "Generate Stock" vs. "Add Keys" ???

Upload Keys or to Generate


Use to generate stock when you simply do not have your own keys to upload. Your keys could be used to send along with invoice to customers, so they could unlock an application if your application requires it.

You use either one or the other.

Hope this helps.