xbox one smartglass app

I'm having the same issues with my app. I keep getting the same notification....that I need an update. It seems that I don't in fact need an update. Very aggrvating. And also, those supposed reviews aren't fooling anyone. Twenty reviews that all say the exact same thing with assorted screen names. That's very disheartning as a loyal customer. Not to mention an extreme insult to the inteligence of anyone who reads them. I'm dissappointed, to put it mildly.

RE: xbox one smartglass app


We will look into the issue with the application update. It could be that an update is available but they have yet to submit the update to SlideME. We do not update the apps ourselves, but the developers and publishers submit their update to us.

As for the reviews, those are, in-fact, very real reviews. All user reviews submitted to SlideME are reviewed by our staff one by one. The reviews that look the same are the ones written using SAM 5 or later. SAM 5 or later pre-fills the review text in with acceptable templates based on the star-rating you give.

This is for the convenience of users that do not ever write anything but garbage because they don't want to type anything at all, or they are trying to reach the minimum character limit with nonsense text, or English is not their first language and just wish to insert a rating. Since we no longer support ratings without actual reviews, this has eliminated the spam and garbage user reviews that developers complained about seeing, which you may often find in other markets still. Users are free to erase and write or edit their own custom reviews (now or later after submitting), and those who do fill it with spam/garbage anyway will see their reviews are deleted. Most do not care to write anything and are content with the templates.

RE: xbox one smartglass app


We contacted the publisher and they responded and submitted an update for the Xbox One Smartglass application, which should be live now today. The update issue you were seeing should be resolved now.