MailDroid slow to pick up new emails

I am having an issue where MailDroid is not able to pick up new emails messages, sometimes for several hours. I'll go to the Combined Inbox, click Refresh Mail, and new messages do not show up. But if I go to K9 mail, the messages get picked up right away. They're not getting deleted off the server - that's not the issue - it's just that MailDroid is not seeing them for some reason.

This is unfortunate because MailDroid otherwise works well for me. I am often unable to reply to messages with K9 Mail. MailDroid seems fine on the sending side. So it's very frustrating. I have one client that has trouble receiving emails, and another one that has trouble sending them.

If I can get resolution for this problem, I would gladly pay cash money for an ad-free version of MailDroid.

I'm running Android 2.2.1 on a Droid X. I was also having this problem before the 2.2.1 update.


This can vary by server and can be related to a number of things. Please email me at maildroiddev at gmail to try and help debug this with you.

MailDroid to Yahoo Mail Problems

I can send mail successfully to GMail, Hotmail, others, from the MailDroid client, but NOT to Yahoo Mail! Specifically, Yahoo can receive a REPLY message to a Yahoo originated message successfully, but cannot receive a message sent from MailDroid client directly to Yahoo Mail??!!

Looking for some help please ...


If you still have problems, just go back to the E-Mail program already installed on your tablet. The regular E-Mail supports any mail carrier out there. Even Comcast! You can also add multiple accounts so you can have on E-Mail program programmed to all of your E-Mail providers. If you have any more problems, or need some extra help, contact AndroidGHelp at or go to