Mail Retrieval Issues

I have switched from K9 to MailDroid and so far like the app. However, I am having issues with retrieving mail from my server at some times. It seems like MailDroid only retrieves so many emails not all of them. The limit seems to be something around 20 (it can be 18, 20, etc.) even if there are many more emails on the server. So, it can take poll after poll to get all my emails. I would like that to be one poll, all emails. Is this a setting that I don't have or a bug in the program? Another issue seems to be that even when I delete an email on the device, it is not deleted on the server. Now, some are deleted but some are not. I have the Sync server deletions option set but it seems to be random as to what gets deleted and what does not.

I am running MailDroid on an HTC Desire with Froyo (2.2) and am polling a POP3 account. Thank you for any assistance.

Another Issue

MailDroid seem to not release the email box after today's update. Outlook detects that the box is in use and won't allow access. It's getting less and less appealing.

Can not get to the internet

I am working on a Olipad Tablet. The quick reference guide is not very useful. I can see my Wi-Fi is connected to wlan-ap, but I can not get any access to the internet. Can you help?