Mail Droid on Motorola Droid 2

I really like this application but am having a problem with e-mails disappearing from my Motorola Droid 2. Send and receive work just fine. However, after I read an e-mail (even if I go back and mark it as unread) several hours go by and when I check the mail again it is no wear to be found.

This is on a work e-mail address I have that is hosted thru When I check my webmail the message is still there.

Can you help me with this? Do you think it is a software problem, Verizon wireless connection, or my mail host problem?



Ps. Also, is there some place I could get a pdf of features and operating instructions?


There is no help at this time. The issue you see is likely related to your server. MailDroid syncs with your email server, so if your server removes the emails after they have been downloaded, the next sync will also remove them from MailDroid.

MailDroid not quite working on Galaxy S

Hi Joe,

Installed MailDroid to take the place of the original overly simple ap that came with my Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy-S (Android 2.1). Yours is a better ap, and if I could get it to work, I'd be willing to pay for it.

My problem is that it doesn't retrieve email from one of my accounts (compuserve classic pop3) at all. I can see the messages on the webmail, but they just don't come in. And they have never. I can send from the account just fine, and other pop3 accounts seem to work (for now). I can retrieve the messages no problem in Outlook 07. Almost as if I set something wrong - but I've triple checked.

I'm not sure if this is a MailDroid issue; it may just my phone since the pop3 accounts were also problematic on the original ap (worked fine for a week then stopped for two days - and then started again).

I have heard of others having similar problems; is there any cure?

Suggestions for later releases:

Settings on a per-account basis
More options for auto delete (age based, etc)
Options for amount of KB to download
Options for whether or not to download attachments
More options for folders to file the messages in
More options for sorting

Keep up the good work!