hi guys im new here and i need some help with running slide me in my pandigital i did download it but i dont know how to run it so i can get some app.
any help will great


p.s i got the black 7 pandigital
and is not hack yet.

thankz again Launiika.


There is a special build for Pandigital. You may want to contact them for an update. Otherwise you can try to download public SAM 4, to install. You may need to install an SDcard to get public SAM 4 to work.


Just to f/u on your request...the pandigital website now has a new droid platform to download Android it also has the slideme built in. I am using it now

Where on Pandigital

Where do you find this platform? I have the card and stuff. BUt We need to find apk files, how do you know where to get them? I am seeking some basics, like Pandora and Wikipedia.

There are many places tghat offer apps, but just for cell phones.

May I ask what do you have

May I ask what do you have because just trying to install the update I can't log in

Slideme apps vs android apps

I have a Tmobile G2 android phone, have lots of apps on it, how come when I look at the slideme apps they have no where near the same apps available.
I thought the Pandigital with "android" would let me DL the same apps that i use all the time on the G2?

What has been a popular app downloaded for Pandigital devices?

What has others been down loading?

cant login to account

i cant seem to login into my slide me account from my devise is there any tricks i need to know help is appreciated, i got a pandigital 7 inch using slide 4.0 , bought office 5 and it is in storage locker,cant get to it,

Contact support

Kindly contact SlideME support to provide you with an update.

Thank you.

Pandigital tablet

I just got a Pandigital tablet for my mother-in-law and want to download some apps for her, is there a way to get into the Android Marketplace or do you have to use the SLIDEME apps? We really want Angry Birds but I'm not finding it in SLIDEME. Can you help???

draw something

How do i download draw something app for pandigital 7"novel?

apps availability

since the 9" is limited to only downloading from your market why are the most popular apps on the google market not available here? facebook, draw something, angry birds? simple question with a simple answer. If you will only give it!!!

Re: apps availability

The answer is that we cannot legally stock apps willy nilly without authorization. It is up to the developer/publisher to distribute their apps through SlideME. We can only contact and suggest to them to do so, but ultimately it is their decision.

One major reason that many may not distribute their apps outside of Google Play is because they have not tested (nor wish to test) their apps on your particular device. It might be that the app in question doesn't even work on your tablet or phone, and they have no desire to invest the time or money to make it compatible nor to provide troubleshooting or support for those additional users. You cannot solely blame SlideME for this.

What we recommend is you contact those developers requesting those apps not only on SlideME, but also compatible with your specific tablet or phone. With sufficient demand, many developers have chosen to open up publishing with SlideME.