Google Play dominant position abuse

Hello SlideMe,
I am just wondering why you don't take any action against Google practices.

Like 78% of devices has Android platform and most of them comes with preloaded Google Play market and other Google services. This gives the big G great power but as there is no competition they can also provide miserable services to developers. And believe me they do.

I just don't feel that this is right and I will support any Google Play competitor.

I am from EU and there was famous "Ballot screen" causa which ended in multi million fines for Microsoft as they were abusing their dominant position and providing the IE browser pre-packed in every Windows installation. Google is doing the same and so far nobody took any action.

I believe that SlideMe should file an appeal to European Commission and ask for protection from these practices. User should have an option to select his App source based on his preference.

Think about it - you, SlideMe, can change the history.