PopularPeople PopularPeople v2.0.2

Popular people is the best way to search for your favorite celebrity. Use

the search or browse the lists of celebrity directories and picture archive.


Celebrity Birthday Pro Celebrity Birthday Pro v1.3

Find out which celebrity is born on which day.


Ultimate HairStyles Ultimate HairStyles v2.2

The Ultimate Hairstyle Try-On is next generation hairstyling tool. In just seconds, you could see your face on over 2000 different celebrity hairstyles and colors. You have the ability to use one of our model photos, snap a photo using the camera, grab a photo off Facebook or choose one from your album.


mnation mnation v1.0

Cool new way of locate friends, meeting people and discovering places, find friends, restaurants, chat, places, close by.


Geometry Of Love Geometry Of Love v1.0

Find out if you and your partner are compatible and what is your love match score! Visualize your love horoscope with lifelines chart and uncover the future of your relations.

Geometry Of Love is based on the human life code unique math formula discovered by mysterious Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras of Samos. Fortunately, there is no need to remember high school geometry course: just enter yours and your partner’s birth dates and Geometry of Love will do the rest!


Magazin Manşetleri Magazin Manşetleri v1.25

Gazete web sitelerindeki magazin haberlerini ve detayları bu uygulama okuyabilirsiniz.



eMa Lite eMa Lite v0.6.4

A shrine on the road: always with you a selection of inspiring meditation techniques, texts, tables and pictures, a customizable altar with candles, figurines, pictures and incense, a timer and a gong!
Let yourself be reminded of the divinity in the ordinary.


Hairstyle And Beauty Hairstyle And Beauty v1.06

Latest hairstyles from the world's most famous and award winning celebrity hairdressers and their hair salons.


eMi Lite eMi Lite v1.2

Electronic Meditation coming true. Train your concentration in a playful way.

eMeditate uses the most powerful meditation method, the concentration on the breath, as practiced in Yoga and zen. You control the red concentration point via tilting (accelerometer) and follow the white-blue breathing point.

Advance to enlightment by staying focused. Compare your progress with others worldwide. Meditate with your own avatar.


ToMarket ToMarket v1.7.34

ToMarket is a fun and easy to use shopping app. The All->Need->Cart listings make it a snap for you to go ToMarket!

"Hands Down The Best"

*Unlimited items
*SMS/email list
*HandyShopper like

Export before upgrade

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