SlideME: Release of SAM 2.3 and Support For Paid Applications

SlideME is pleased to announce support for paid applications with our release of SAM 2.3, the first billing solution for Android that includes a mobile client. You can download SAM 2.3 at

Several weeks back, we ran into the issue of the G1 not protecting against applications being removed from the device, so we are introducing SlideLock, which you can embed into your application to prevent forwarding to another device. This is independent from support for paid applications, and will provide additional protection, if the developer chooses to use it:

Developers of paid applications will also need to sign in and approve the new developer agreement and assign tokens, which authorize downloads.

This is a major release:


  • No country restrictions on purchasing applications. Anyone can buy & sell.
  • Support for global payments via SlideCollect including users paying via their Amazon Payments account.
  • High payout rates to content providers/developers ~98%:
  • Sales tax is legitimately applied to sales, including all of the European Union
  • SlideME Prepaid MasterCard: developers from anywhere in the world can receive a debit card and get paid without a need of a bank account.
  • Multiple payout methods
  • Fraud detection: SlideME has partnered with Retail Decisions, a world leader in credit card fraud prevention, in order to combat fraud and further reduce chargebacks. More information about ReD is available at
  • The Shopper Guarantee - All customers receive the Shopper Guarantee. This guarantees shoppers that they will either receive their digital downloads via SAM, or they will receive their money back. This guarantee can increase customer confidence in purchasing from SlideME website.


  • SAM 2.3 with a new user interface
  • SAM 2.3 billing support
  • SAM 2.3 supports secure method so shoppers never need to enter their credit card or sensitive information from within their handset.


  • SlideLOCK has been released to protect your applications and prevent forwarding


  • 24/7 support has been implemented to support you and users in the best possible way.
  • High Availability secured environment.
  • Distributed feeds of content on SlideME's Marketplace to further promote your applications