SlideME: Release of our first Android Market Application

For nearly the last two years, we've been focused on our core project SAM (SlideME Application Manager) but have never been able to release it into the Android Market due to Google's non-compete terms.

Recently, I was doing some market research and found that users in countries without Android Market load up apps on their SD card (from large, zipped archives). I felt app installing from the SD card would be a good addition to SAM. But first I checked out the current app installers in Android Market and noticed how poor they were. So I decided to do a new app installer that was not tied to SAM in anyway.

It was fun little project and I got to learn more about how to do search with auto-completion through the use of ContentProviders.

We released the "SlideME App Installer" two days ago into the Android Market. This is a simple application that installs apps from the SD card and allows the user to sort, search and install applications. I already find it useful myself for being able to install previous versions of SAM to test whether they work with new portal and feed rollouts.

It's also up on SlideME: SlideME App Installer. So check it out.

App colours

The colours used by SAM leave me with a rather depressed feeling, and a desire to get out of this store and into a brighter one ;)

Can't something be done to make the colours more attractive, and the icons sharper..?

Prior to SAM 2.3 we had nice

Prior to SAM 2.3 we had nice bright colors, but the overwhelming response we got was that people wanted the dark look.

I'll look into a couple of different themes for SAM on a future release (3.2+) and have one that is dark and one that is bright and happy.

We can sharpen up the icon images, performance suffers marginally but if it doesn't look to be much of a hit, I'll add that for SAM 3.1

Thanks for the suggestions!

installing from the SD card

Installing from the SD card is a great idea, but what about installing to the sd card, for those of us that dont have froyo?