Safety First at SlideME

SlideME considers safety to be a top priority, and we do our best to ensure all applications that are distributed through our channels are both safe and secure. Let us showcase some of the ways in which SlideME is a safer store than other alternatives:
  1. All applications on SlideME are scanned for viruses and exploits. We use multiple scanners in order to ensure safer applications. Recently we teamed up with Bluebox Security to integrate their Android exploits scanner into our systems. As a result, we are among the first application stores to scan for the Master-Key exploit (and other exploits that were not even made public yet).
  2. All applications on SlideME are manually reviewed by our editors. Our strict approval process ensures that all applications are tested and quality-checked by our review staff before they can be published.
  3. Back catalog scans provided through Bluebox Security have shown that our strict approval process and antivirus scanners have been successful, as no applications published in our market were found to have the Master-key exploit.
  4. Pirated applications are never approved on SlideME, as we only publish legitimate applications. Our editors frequently require such applications’ developers to verify they are the original publisher before they can go live.
  5. Our Content Guidelines do not permit the hundreds of fake or suspicious copycat applications that you will find in all other application markets.
  6. User reviews, forum posts, application descriptions, and user comments on SlideME are filtered and moderated for spam. You will not find any spyware or malware links posted on our website or our SlideME market app (SAM).
As an alternative market that promotes independent “indie” developers, we are absolutely required to stay on top of the evolving Android ecosystem to be competitive. You can be sure that we cannot get away with letting malware and problematic applications proliferate in our store as other markets do.