Notes Notes v2.0

Notes is an Efficient and useful tool which helps you Note down anything you want to.
Notes have a “Text file Builder” which helps you to make Text files of your notes , you want to include.
Notes is Password protected so that you don’t have to worry about Security.
Simple User Interface and easy to use.


Real AWG Wire Real AWG Wire v1.0.0

An AWG wire gauge reference tool for electricians and people doing electrical works to quickly find parameters AWG wires. It displays the REAL WIRE SIZE in 1:1 scale on your screen so you can compare it with the wires in your hand!


DroidBTC Miner DroidBTC Miner v1.0.0

A Bitcoin miner for Android, based on Simran Singh's AndLTC Miner and pooler's cpuminer.


Geo Photos Geo Photos v1.1

Do you always want to know places around a certain venue? Do you want to know how that place looks like?

Well Geo Photos is here for you.

GeoPhotos give you at least 50 venues around the venue name you want, the city, the state, country, longitude and latitude.

Once you have got your venues, you can select which one you want and if available we will display a slideshow of pictures for that venue.


bitShark bitShark v0.

bitShark is a powerful and feature rich packet capture and analysis application for Android

It's like Wireshark for Android!


Soccer Winning Chance Soccer Winning Chance v1.2

Football match prediction


Advanced Touchpad Pro Advanced Touchpad Pro v3.7

Advanced Touchpad turns your Android device into a wireless touchpad (mouse) and keyboard to control your PC.

✓ Two-Finger scrolling.
✓ Pinch To Zoom.
✓ Vertical and horizontal scrollbars.
✓ Tap lock.
✓ Wireless keyboard.
✓ Auto connect.


URSafe Media Redirector Pro URSafe Media Redirector Pro v2.9.140225

• Get rid of DCIM folder for pictures, videos and much more ...
• Redirect files to any folder for any application you want.
• Easy to use !
• Fast and Lightweight !
• No special permissions !


Site Aid Site Aid v1.0

Mark your points/site with GPS.


URSafe App Backup/Restore Pro URSafe App Backup/Restore Pro v2.8.130919

Your Safe solution for Applications Backup & Restore.

In case you need to reset your phone, don't worry about because after that, the only procedure is one Tap over each of the backed up applications.
That's all.

It is also a complete Application Manager a few clicks of your hand. You will be guided by our action/reaction concept, that shows you always the right functions you can do over a component, let say an Application or a Backup file.


URSafe CPU Monitor Pro URSafe CPU Monitor Pro v1.10.140305

The ultimate CPU Notification Graph !

* Status bar notification graph for CPU Usage.
* Option to Start and Stop of CPU Monitor Service.
* Optional auto start on boot.
* Configurable update interval.
* Sleeps with your phone to save battery!


Battery Battery v2.4.1

Battery charge in the status bar. Fast. Simple. Beautiful.


URSafe Battery Meter Pro URSafe Battery Meter Pro v2.7.140305

The ultimate Battery Widget and/or Notification !

- Small footprint, High Performance !
- Help you conserve Battery Life !
- Sleeps with your phone to save battery !
- Show battery charge on Notification Bar and/or by Widget !


FastTorch Pro FastTorch Pro v1.12

Incredibly simple and handy flashlight. Use the flash of your camera as a flashlight.


CCTV Lens Calculator CCTV Lens Calculator v1.0.2

Tool for designing video surveillance systems. This instrument allows you to define the parameters of the lens for your cameras.


FileManagerPro FileManagerPro v1.2

Pro version for File Manager


Dive Tables Pro Dive Tables Pro v2.4.3

Dive Tables for no-deco repetitive dives.


Stopwatch Stopwatch v2.92

Stopwatch & Countdown Timer
The simple Stopwatch and Countdown Timer.
Slide left and right to change view between Stopwatch and Countdown Timer.

Please try the free version of Stopwatch and Countdown Timer before purchasing.

Have Fun!


Anguilla 3D Benchmark Anguilla 3D Benchmark v1.2

This benchmark support Android & Windows XP,7,8 devices.


Text Modifier Text Modifier v1.0

This app have some easy to use tools for your texts, those text can be any long you want!! Alphabetize, Find and replace, Get file names, Merge text line by line and more!