Jiyo Bollywood Jiyo Bollywood v1.1.4

A fully filmy Bollywood Quiz and dumb charades for bindaas hindi movie lovers.


Dinosaurs quiz Dinosaurs quiz v1.9

Dinosaurs Quiz Game


World Map World Map v2.4_sl

World Countries - Educational geographic quiz. Guess the countries depicted on the map of the whole world


Tables Blaster Tables Blaster v2.0

Tables Blaster teaches the concept of multiplication visually with animated images in auto mode. In manual mode the buttons can be manipulated to make the tables read. In quiz mode, the tables can be tested individually or all tables combined.


Countries of the European Union Countries of the European Union v1.2

The application of the European Union: flags, maps, showplace and capital.


Flags Flags v1.0

Flags game will test your knowledge of world flags.


Lernabit Lernabit v2.1.5

Remember more of what you learn with a note taking app designed for education.


Poly Wanna Learn Poly Wanna Learn v0.0

Finally, a game first approach to math that is not just a boring flash card app!


Code Adventures Code Adventures v1.0

Take your exciting first steps in the world of programming!


Quazzel Quiz Quazzel Quiz v1.0.1

Quazzel Quiz is a voice-based quiz game you can play hands-free.


Uncle Finney's Poker Uncle Finney's Poker vSM-2.05

Head-to-head, two player poker Contest. Bet and win Ether!


Guess 5 Guess 5 v1.11

One question, 100 answers. Can you find out the top 5?


Tales Tales v1.6

Stories of extraordinary animals, plants, and even people.


FootballQuiz FootballQuiz v1.2

Football quiz is all about football, questions are realated to facts and memorable moments in history of this great game.


Biblical Quiz Biblical Quiz v1.07.000

Test your Bible Knowledge. Take Part in a Fun Trivia Game with Biblical Quiz!


Plasmoid Plasmoid v1.01

Guide a ball of plasma with peculiar abilities through hazardous conditions.


Quiz Bendera Apa Quiz Bendera Apa v2.0.0

Test your knowledge! 'Bendera Apa ?' is a fun and challenging multiple choice quiz/trivia.


Cyrillix Cyrillix v1.0

Cyrillic transliterator for tourists in Serbia, to help read and understand local signs, street names etc.


The Hardest Quiz The Hardest Quiz v1

The most impossible game test ever! Will you be able to answer all questions?


IQ Quiz! IQ Quiz! v1.1.0

IQ Quiz! is a rege quiz with hard questions and sometimes the answer is hidden!