Save The Birds Save The Birds v1.0.1



★ Beautiful graphics, alternating day and night cycles, and moon phases according to the actual date!
★ Addictive gameplay, easy to learn, hard to master!
★ Cute, funny sounds and nice music!
★ Forest animals can either help you or present an obstacle!
★ 63 unique levels in three different environments! More coming soon!
★ 3x unique bonus level for each package!


Alien Barrier Alien Barrier v1.0

Alien Barrier - a simple, fun and addictive action game for the whole family!

Do you have what it takes to keep the aliens separate? Pay attention to the flags and don't let the timer run out!


  • Unlimited levels means unlimited fun!
  • High-quality graphics!
  • Challenge your friends and family in this competitive game!
  • Brag about your high scores on Facebook!
  • Easy to learn, hard to master!

Game of Thrones Trivia Game of Thrones Trivia v1.5

Trivia fun for Game of Thrones addicts!


Fundox Fundox v1.0.0

Free real-time multiplayer word game combining Scrabble and Reversi


Reckless Rabbit Reckless Rabbit v2.0

A very unique and incredibly addicting physics based game!


Games Quiz Game Games Quiz Game v1.4.4

Try to answer the questions of the most difficult videogame trivia!!


Game Cheats Game Cheats v1.0.25

Get the latest cheats, codes, hints, secrets and more at Game Cheats


Dogs Match Game Dogs Match Game v1.02

By using simple dogs symbols with today's high end graphics this image match up game provides endless hours of harmless fun for the entire family. A great way to sharpen the mind and skills. dogs that used in our match game are : Doberman, Golden Retriver, Boxer, German Sheferd, Small Dog, Shepherd Dog, Dalmatian, Spanial, Bulldog, Pu

- 3D Icons
- Touch Screen
- Sounds on/off options
- Vibrate on/off option
- Level difficulty based on time
- Automatic High Scores


FireWorks Game Demo FireWorks Game Demo v17.0

Demo version.

The best Firewroks Game.
35 levels.
International scores.


Fish Memory Game For Kids Fish Memory Game For Kids v1.02

fantastic game where memory is the challenge using fish symbols as a means of fun and excitement and training those highly valued cognitive skills that shapes the minds of

today and tomorrow. Fish that used in our memory game are : Electric Fish, Herring Fish, Sea Horse, Butterfly Fish, Prawn, Flying Fish, Piranha, Gold Fish, Salmon, Lump Fish


Tic Tac Toe Game Tic Tac Toe Game v2.3.4

Tic Tac Toe is a fun board game


Game42 Game42 v1.1.3

A well-designed collection of mini board games. Great for kids, family members, friends, lovers.


Hangman Game Hangman Game v2.5.7

Hangman is a word game.

- Hangman game upto 3 difficulty levels.
- Game has score leaderboard, submit your score and show achievement to other players.


Pre-K Match Game Pre-K Match Game v1.03

Fun match game with an educational spin. Great for your kids to have some fun and learning a little at the same time.

** ad supported - Please click an ad to help support Martin Software Solutions.


Animals Spelling Game for Kids Animals Spelling Game for Kids v2.8

An educational and fun spelling game designed for kids who are learning to read, and spell.


NumBoard - Number Game NumBoard - Number Game v1.2

Follow The Numbers Correctly Against Some Challenges


Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler v2.3

Animal Puzzle Game for Toddler is a cute collection of puzzles designed for toddlers and kids.


Memory Game - Pastry Memory Game - Pastry v2.0

Memory Game - Pastry is a cute memory game. Memory Game - Pastry can help to improve your memory and brain power. Rule of this game is simple: tap to flip the pastry images and match them up. Be hurry because this game will record your play time and if you are fast enough, you'll make it to the high score leader board.


Una Stanza Buia Libro Game Una Stanza Buia Libro Game v1.1

Libro game per anime dark!
Sarai tu con le tue scelte a determinare la storia!


Game Story Game Story v1.0.1

Game Story is app discovery based on real player recommendations, players who has played game can recommend the game for same device (same resolution and screen density ) users, other users browse the recommendations and either download it or add to wishlist ( if not enough space ), once the app is installed user can post reviews, rating and recommendations.